SMS Marketing

Communicate with customers via text messages, up to 160 characters with a 98% open rate.

With redemption rates averaging 3-5% and open rates of 98%, SMS Marketing is the most immediate and effective method of communication. Need to promote an offer, special deal, event or simply to get more people in on a rainy or slow day? Text marketing is your answer.

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How it helps your business

SMS Marketing is convenient for customers and easy and effective for business owners. Customers want to hear from their favorite businesses and text messages are the best way to reach them. Our Trackable Text Offers are easy to create and schedule, plus our automated text messages provide a continuous engagement campaign based on customers' activity without taking time away from business owners' busy schedules. What makes us special? We can track the results of your offer and we have specialists on staff ready to help you design the most effective campaigns.

SMS Marketing allows business owners to:

  • Promote new products, events, special deals and offers
  • Promote social media platforms
  • Generate traffic to store on a slow day with immediate response
  • Stay top-of-mind with customers
  • and more!

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We support all major United States carriers

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