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Rafferty's Restaurant Case Study


Restaurant chain

17 locations

Rafferty’s teamed up with TL Connects in 2013 with a goal of getting more customers to come back more often. Within 6 months, they had signed 2,601 subscribers in their database and over 16,000 after ten months.

El Mazatlan Restaurant Case Study

El Mazatlan

Restaurant chain

7 locations

El Mazatlan is a Mexican restaurant chain using several aspects of the TL Connects program including a digital loyalty program, trigger-based auto-responders and textALERT campaigns which are simply texts to their subscribers.

Aspen Creek Grill Restaurant Case Study

Aspen Creek Grill

Restaurant chain

5 locations

This success story shows how well Aspen Creek Grill has been doing since joining TL Connects to help them retain more customers. They use a long list of well planned auto-responders that consistently engage customers who haven't returned at various times.

Pelican's Snoballs Case Study

Pelican's Snoballs

Shaved Ice

1 locations

This Pelican's Snoball franchisee joined TL Connects in 2019 to increase their revenue and improve their communication with customers. In their first six months, they signed up more than 5,500 customers to their database with over 70% opting in to their direct textALERT program.

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