Automated Text Messages

Set up automated text messages based on various triggers and customers' habits and activity.

Trigger-based automated text messages allow you to create an SMS or MMS with or without an offer that is based on specific criteria that you set-up. Whether you want to automatically increase your social media following, e-mail club members, downloads to your app, google reviews, or drive back lapsed and lost customers automated text are the most effective way to do so.

Customers using our loyalty program with automated text see upwards of 25% of their lapsed customers returning each month.

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How it helps your business

You’ve heard it time and time again. It’s cheaper to get current customers to make a repeat purchase than it is to find new customers. Automated text messages are the best way to accomplish this goal. With automated texts, business owners create a text message that is sent based on trigger, such as a customer not visiting their store within 20 days.

When that happens, a personalized text is automatically sent without the owner having to do anything. The customer gets a text stating something like "We miss you! Come back before 2/24/21 to get $2 Off your next purchase!" All parts of this are customizable and the owner can set multiple messages up to create a complete cycle around each customer. We have a team of Customer Success Mangers that can help you design the perfect automated text campaigns.

Each business owner can deduce why each campaign worked well or not. As they do more and more it will become clear how to get the best out of future campaigns. We also have a team of Customer Success Managers to help you manage and optimize your text marketing program.

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Automated Text Message Examples:

Setup automated text message cycles

1 hour after Sign-up
Thank you text for joining the club with an offer to return within 5 days and links to follow on social media.

1 hour after 2nd check-in
Text asking to give Google Reviews of the business and an offer to drive a specific product.

On Signup Anniversary
Send an offer to subscribers on the anniversary of them opting into the program.

On Subscribers' Birthdays
Subscribers who reply with their birthday can automatically be sent a text with an offer celebrating their special day.

20 Days with no check-ins
A “We miss you” text with an offer if they check-in within 7 days.

40 Days with no check-ins
A “We miss you” text with a stronger offer if they check-in within 7 days.

60 Days with no check-ins
A “We miss you” text with your best offer. No limit on the number of these offers. Get them back one way or another!

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