1. Plug in 4G/LTE Kiosk
  2. Customers Sign-up
  3. Automated Triggers Launch


Lightning Fast Sign-Up

Fast and Simple. Customers enter mobile phone number and first name at iPad kiosk & then instantly receive a double opt-in welcome text.

customer engagement tools
customer engagement tools


The loyalty platform allows customers to check-in by entering their mobile phone number at the kiosk, moving one step closer to earning a reward.

Redeem Rewards & Offers

Upon reaching the check-in goal, customers will earn their reward, redeemable on the next visit.

All rewards and offers can be redeemed at kiosk by clicking redeem on the screen. Once redeem is clicked, a time-stamped claim text will be sent immediately to their mobile phone.

customer engagement tools


Send targeted textALERTS to customers based on custom parameters such as store location, keyword responses, sign-up time frame and many more.

With textALERTs you can send a text message to all your subscribers at one time to promote a special product, event or even to drive traffic on a slow day. With a 98% open rate, these textALERTS can quickly bring traffic to your location! Send videos, pictures, barcodes or audio files straight to your subscribers with a 98% open rate.


Non-loyal customers who have not visited in 30 days automatically receive a “We Miss You” text with an incentive to return within 7 days.

customer engagement tools

Features for all occasions with insane flexibility!

You spend so much money on acquiring new business. What are you doing to automatically engage and turn those customers into loyal customers?

Lightning Fast Kiosk
Trackable Campaign Offers
Trigger-Based Auto-Responders
Digital Punch Card
SMS & MMS Campaigns
“We Miss You” Lapsed Customer Offer
Birthday Club
Keyword Marketing
Social Media Engagement
E-mail Marketing
Custom Branding
Jobs App
Anniversary Club
Custom Mini-Urls Campaigns
Bounce Back Offers
Mobile Coupon Barcode Redemptions
Compliance Tools
Map Linking