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Build a Database of Customers

Custom Mobile Web App

A touch-free, smartphone solution.

Every merchant gets a custom mobile landing page in which users are directed by QR code, or direct links in texts, website, social media posts, etc. New users can sign into the program, check out your menu, social networks, career board and more. Users at your location can check-in to your digital loyalty program and redeem offers as well.

In-Store QR Code

This program includes 16 waterproof stickers showcasing your custom QR codes to put on tables, counters or around a business. The customers point their phones with the camera app on to be directed to your Custom Mobile Web App. On the app page, customers can access your online menu, website, social media platforms and interact with your business by signing up to your text club, loyalty program, redeem offers, etc.

Keyword Opt-in Program

Claim a keyword and market it online using your website, social media sites, in-store print materials or any other preferred advertisement methods. Use unique keywords to track the effectiveness of your text marketing campaigns along with your other forms of marketing to target customers.

Sign-Up/Loyalty Kiosk

Fast & Easy Sign-up
With the TL Connects LTE-enabled custom loyalty kiosk you’ll increase your sign-ups as much as 10x. The kiosk is placed at the point-of-sale, hostess station, or bring one to an event. When sending out a text message customers will be asked to redeem at kiosk and once they redeem they will receive a time stamp and dated text.
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Send texts to your customers

Simple, intuitive web portal

Send targeted text message campaigns to customers based on custom parameters such as store location, keyword responses, sign-up time frame and many more.

You can send a text message to all your customers at one time to promote a special product, event or even to drive traffic on a slow day. With a 98% open rate, these text messages can quickly bring traffic to your location! Send videos, pictures, barcodes or audio files straight to your customers.

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Track Results from Every Text Campaign

Trackable Offers

Track every campaign, click, check-in, offer redemption and so much more by using the merchant dashboard and Weekly Email Reports.

The dashboard is a simple and easy-to-use portal in which merchants like you use to create text message campaigns, mini-URLs, automated text messages and everything else associated with our Customer Engagement Platform.

We support all major United States carriers