Drive in new customers from your neighborhood

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How does it work?

Step 1.
Create Offer & Advertisement

Creating your offer will place an advertisement on This site is linked in every text message sent out on this program allowing your offer, product and brand to be seen by thousands, both in your neighborhood and outside the area.

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Step 2.
Promote via MMS to thousands.

A text with a picture including your offer is sent to thousands of consumers not currently in your database. This text includes a clickable link directing consumers to the website.

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Step 3.
Offer Activation

Consumer activates offer and receives text instructions to redeem offer at your in-store kiosk. You also now have permission to send them textALERTs. An automated reminder text to redeem offer is sent if offer has not been redeemed with 7 days remaining.

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Text Marketing and Loyalty Platform

Step 4.
New customer redeems offer at kiosk

The consumers who redeem your offer online now enter your business to redeem at the kiosk. You now have new customers and new subscribers to your loyalty program.

Drive New Customers

Build a Large Local Database & Build Stronger Customer Relationships

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