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20 Second Sign-up Process

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Loyalty Kiosk
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How it Works

Step 1:

Customer signs into the program.

Your customers enter mobile phone number and first name at loyalty kiosk & then instantly receive a text to opt-in to receive your Sign-up Offer.

Text Marketing and Loyalty Platform
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Loyalty Kiosk Opt-in Process

Step 2:

Customer opts into the program

Customer replies YES to receive your Sign-up offer and opt-in to receive marketing text from your business.

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Step 3:

The customer’s next visit.

Customer checks in to kiosk with mobile phone number each time they visit to earn your loyalty offer.

Text Marketing and Loyalty Platform
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Text Marketing and Loyalty Platform

Step 4:

Redeem Loyalty Rewards and Offers

Upon reaching the check-in goal, customers will earn their reward, redeemable on the next visit.

All rewards and offers can be redeemed at the kiosk by clicking redeem on the screen. Once redeem is clicked, a time-stamped claim text will be sent immediately to their mobile phone.

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Automated Triggers

Setup automated text message cycles

After 1 hour
Bounceback text with offer to earn second visit from new customers along with trackable mini-urls driving customers to social media channels.

1 hour after 2nd check-in
Text asking to give Google Reviews of the business.

On Signup Anniversary
Send an offer to subscribers on the anniversary of them opting into the program.

On Subscribers’ Birthdays
Subscribers who reply with their birthday, can automatically be sent a text with an offer celebrating their special day.

20 Days with no check-ins
A “We miss you” text with an offer if they check-in within 7 days.

40 Days with no check-ins
A “We miss you” text with a stronger offer if they check-in within 7 days.

60 Days with no check-ins
A “We miss you” text with your best offer. No limit on the number of these offers. Get them back one way or another!

Text Marketing and Loyalty Platform
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Targeted text messages to subscribers

Send targeted textALERTS to customers based on custom parameters such as store location, keyword responses, sign-up time frame and many more.

With textALERTs you can send a text message to all your subscribers at one time to promote a special product, event or even to drive traffic on a slow day. With a 98% open rate, these textALERTS can quickly bring traffic to your location! Send videos, pictures, barcodes or audio files straight to your subscribers with a 98% open rate.

Now you can even target people in your area that are not current subscribers in your database by sending a TL Alert. This opens up a much larger audience whom you can text an offer to and promote your business informing people who live and work in your neighborhood about new hours, delivery options, curbside pickup, and gift card sales, etc.

We support all major United States carriers