TL Connects offers merchants a customized digital rewards program that rids the world of punch cards, swipe cards & the inconvenience of downloading an app.




No punchcards. No Swipecards. No Apps to download. Just your cell phone number and first name to get started.

98% Open Rate:

Customers sign-up via SMS which simplifies the sign-up process and gives you the ability to communicate with a 98% open rate.


Built-in fraud protection.

Lighting Fast Install

All kiosks are 4G/LTE enabled. Simply plug the kiosk in and start building loyalty.

No Contracts

No Commitment. No Risk.

Less than 20 Seconds to sign-up

In-Store Loyalty Kiosk

Customers enter mobile phone number and first name at kiosk. They instantly receive a double opt-in welcome text requiring them to reply “YES” to enter the program and receive a dated time-stamped claim text for sign-up offer.

Loyalty Kiosk

Online Sign-Up

Customers use customized online form to sign-up at This form will be branded to your company’s standards, forms, calls-to-action, etc.

Online Sign-up

Text Sign-Up

Create a keyword, advertise it in your shop, online, social media, etc. to get more subscribers from a wider variety of places.

Text Sign-Up with Keyword Marketing

Lightning Fast Sign-Up

Customers enter mobile phone number & first name at kiosk. Then, they receive a double opt-in welcome text.


Customers check-in by entering their mobile phone number at kiosk, moving them closer to earning a reward.


When a customer hits their check-in goal, they earn their reward, redeemable next visit.


Upon check-in, customers are shown a list of available rewards in which to choose.


Amaze and delight your customers with a unique loyalty program that is easy to customize, sign into & understand.

Effective loyalty programs shouldn’t be difficult to understand. Customers shouldn’t be wondering how long or how many points it takes to earn a reward. This program is built to make it easy for you to setup and easy for the customer to know exactly what it takes to earn a reward, (visit 5 times, get a Free Fountain Drink, etc.)

Loyalty programs should also be digital. The day of the punchcards are over. This digital punchcard is so much more effective and perfect for customers in our digital world.

Digital Punch Card

Forget printed punchcards or swipe cards. This is mobile-phone based, easy to use and super fast to sign-up.

Multiple Sign-Up Methods

Use a keyword, loyalty kiosk or a sign-up only version of the loyalty program to get subscribers

“We Miss You” Offer

Drive 25% of your lapsed customers back each month. How do you drive back lapsed customers? Look no further than our “We Miss You” offer that are triggered automatically when a subscriber doesn’t check-in for a certain period of time determined by you.

You can even layer multiple “We Miss You” offers with a better incentive over time to drive those lapsed customers back.

Anniversary Offer

Reward your extra loyal subscribers on the anniversary of their first check-in. Send them a redeemable text offer on that certain day every 6 months, year, 2 years, etc.

BounceBack Offer

Provide extra incentive to bring a customer back within a shorter period of time, same day, next day or later the same week.


Get monthly reports emailed to you and/or create custom reports via the online dashboard

Live Subscriber Feed

Watch your subscriber activity live as they interact with the program.