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Our Partnership

Smoothie King Text Program

Smoothie King recently named TL Connects as their text message vendor partner. Since then, over 100 locations have made the Smoothie King Text Program a vital part of their local store marketing efforts.

The goal of the text program is to help Smoothie King franchisees build a large local text database that drives trackable incremental revenue. We’ve been working with Smoothie King locations for two years now with great success.

We are committed to you, your franchise and your team to help you build, automate and enhance digital relationships with your customers. Doing so will increase incremental sales that will improve your franchise(s) bottom line(s).

Automate & Enhance Digital Relationships

Use the Smoothie King Text Program’s numerous options to engage customers to build a complete digital relationship with each subscriber.

Increase Incremental Sales

This platform is designed small or large businesses of any industry with flexible service plans starting from a Free Text Marketing plan to a mid-level starter plan and a premium, all-included plan.

Fast, easy sign-up process

In less than 20 seconds a customer can become a loyal subscriber of the Smoothie King Text Program. It is so easy. A user simply clicks the “Sign-up or Redeem” button. Then, they enter their mobile phone number and finally their first name. That is it!

Cellular Enabled kiosks

Enjoy uninterrupted performance without the need to set the kiosk up to a wireless network.

Large, Flashing Sign-up Offer

Get customers’ attention with a large, animated sign-up offer showcased on the home page of the kiosk. With the kiosk placed near the POS, this feature will help draw customer’s eyes toward the kiosk, started them down the road of being a loyal subscriber.

Custom-Branded Smoothie King theme

Working alongside Smoothie King Corporate, TL Connects has developed a custom Smoothie King theme to keep your franchise(s) on-brand 100% of the time.

Text Messaging Types

SMS Message

SMS Message
(Short Message Service)

MMS Message

MMS Message
(Multimedia Messaging Service)

Barcode Claim Text

Barcode Claim Text
(Barcode image files to be scanned)

Tons of Features for Complete Engagement

Smoothie King Text Program textALERT


With textALERTs you can send a text message to all your subscribers at one time to promote a special product, event or even to drive traffic on a slow day. With a 98% open rate, these textALERTS can quickly bring traffic to your location! Now you can also create a new textALERT based on previously successful campaign templates.
Smoothie King Text Program Auto-Responders

Trigger-Based SMS Auto-Responders

Custom SMS auto-responders can be scheduled to be sent automatically to customers at predetermined intervals such as after 20 minutes, 7 days, & 14 days. Each SMS auto-responder can include a trackable mini-URL with all clickthrough data available within online dashboard.
  • Next Day - Ask to download the loyalty App
  • After 7 days - Ask for email address for Fishbowl sign-up
Smoothie King Text Program Keyword Marketing

Keyword Marketing

Keywords can help across all your marketing efforts. A simple keyword campaign provides alternate sign-up methods. Use a keyword “text to win” campaign for sweepstakes or contests. Keyword polling gathers valuable insight from subscribers. Spread it across several different marketing channels, such as print media, in-store signage, coupons & social media.
  1. Select a keyword that best represents your company and/or campaign
  2. Create that keyword in the user admin dashboard
  3. Decide which marketing channels to use for promotion
  4. Blast your message everywhere
  5. For best results, create a different keyword to use for each different media you use
Smoothie King Text Program Mini-URL


Since character space is at a premium, use our url-shortener to create a custom mini-url that you can advertise anywhere. Use textALERTs along with other marketing channels to drive traffic to your store page on the Smoothie King website. Then check your results and statistics via the mini-url page in the User Admin website.
Smoothie King Text Program Analytics

Online Analytics

View individual location or franchise group data in realtime with the ability to look at daily, weekly, monthly, annual or custom date ranges.

We support all major United States carriers

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