Less than 20 Seconds to sign-up

In-Store Loyalty Kiosk

Customers enter mobile phone number and first name at kiosk. They instantly receive a double opt-in welcome text requiring them to reply “YES” to enter the program and receive a dated time-stamped claim text for sign-up offer.

Loyalty Kiosk

Online Sign-Up

Customers use customized online form to sign-up at yourcompanyname.tlconnects.com. This form will be branded to your company’s standards, forms, calls-to-action, etc.

Online Sign-up

Text Sign-Up

Create a keyword, advertise it in your shop, online, social media, etc. to get more subscribers from a wider variety of places.

Text Sign-Up with Keyword Marketing


Digital Punch Card

Forget printed punchcards or swipe cards. This is mobile-phone based, easy to use and super fast to sign-up.

Multiple Sign-Up Methods

Use a keyword, loyalty kiosk or a sign-up only version of the loyalty program to get subscribers

“We Miss You” Offer

Set up texts to be sent automatically when a subscriber doesn’t check-in for a certain period of time.

Anniversary Offer

Reward your extra loyal subscribers on the anniversary of their first check-in. Send them a redeemable text offer on that certain day every 6 months, year, 2 years, etc.

BounceBack Offer

Provide extra incentive to bring a customer back within a shorter period of time., same day, next day or the same week.


Get monthly reports emailed to you and/or create custom reports via the online dashboard

Live Subscriber Feed

Watch your subscriber activity live as they interact with the program.