Everything you need, simplified

Online Dashboard with Real-Time Analytics

Stay up to date on what is happening with your subscribers at all times. Get real-time information to
gauge how well things are going at a national, franchise group or individual location.

Trigger-Based SMS Auto-Responders

Create perfect text message cycles customized to your subscribers. Use SMS messaging to send texts for birthdays, anniversaries, invitations to events, etc. Map it to whatever best fits the company and the subscriber. Revolve completely around each subscriber in a unique, personalized manner.

Target Customers, Increase Spend, Frequency & Habits

Send targeted textALERTS to customers based on custom parameters such as store location, keyword
responses, sign-up time frame etc…

Custom Branded Solutions

For qualifying corporations, in-store kiosks, online landing pages and all supporting marketing and training documents can be customized to corporate guidelines to ensure a consistent brand message.

Custom Reporting

Weekly, monthly and custom reporting available at a national, franchise group or individual location level.


“We Miss You” Offer

If a customer has not checked-in for pre-determined,
customizable amount days they automatically receive a
personalized “We Miss You” text with an offer that expires in
7 days to drive them in-store with a high sense of urgency.

Email Club

Send out invitations for subscribers to also join your email/newsletter list. SMS messages can work to pull subscribers into every aspect of your marketing efforts.

Birthday Offer

Get birthdates of subscribers and surprise them with a special offer on their birthday.

Anniversary Offer

Reward your extra loyal subscribers on the anniversary of their first check-in. Send them a redeemable text offer on that certain day every 6 months, year, 2 years, etc.


Get quick first-hand knowledge of how your company is performing. Text a custom survey to every subscriber hours, days or weeks after a certain check-in.

Custom Offer

Make up your own personal auto-responder for whatever reason you desire. No popular holiday or event needed. Whatever you want to set-up to automatically send, do it and reap the rewards.