Increase Adoption Rate of any Program with Self-Serve Kiosk

In-Store Loyalty Kiosk

Customers enter mobile phone number and first name at kiosk. They instantly receive a double opt-in welcome text requiring them to reply “YES” to enter the program and receive a dated time-stamped claim text for sign-up offer.

Loyalty Kiosk

Event Kiosk

Gather more subscribers to your database while showing off your product at your next event. Our kiosks are perfect for any kind of events where you want to grow your subscriber list.

Event Kiosk

Custom Kiosk

We’ll create a custom kiosk skin for you business to keep your branding consistent. Your logo, colors and images will be showcased on the kiosk.

Custom Branded Kiosk


TamperProof Kiosk

Get a gorgeous digital kiosk to set near your point-of-purchase for your subscribers to interact

Multiple Sign-Up Methods

Use a keyword, loyalty kiosk or a sign-up only version of the loyalty program to get subscribers

Multiple Sign-Up Methods

Human Resources

An easy and effective means of giving and receiving job applications

Custom Designs

Contact us to see if you business qualifies for a custom kiosk design for your business.

BounceBack Offers

Get quick first-hand knowledge of how your company is performing. Text a custom survey to every subscriber hours, days or weeks after a certain check-in.