SMS messaging – Retail store gets 4,790 subscribers in first month!

Gimme a $5 has created quite a buzz in November in Middle TN. Their two locations have often been seen with lines around their buildings and people camping out overnight in order to get the best deals. They have signed … Read More

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SMS Marketing Fact

SMS Marketing Infographic – 9 Must-Know Facts

SMS Marketing Infographic – 9 Must-Know Facts Americans are growing ever more comfortable accepting and expecting SMS messages from their favorite merchants. SMS marketing has become much more widely used by businesses, but there are still a large percentage that … Read More

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Loyalty report

The Top 3 Alarming Discoveries found in the 2015 Loyalty Report

I recently read this 2015 Loyalty Report conducted in January of this year. It is a sample of over 11,000 North American consumers in which over 1,700 have household incomes greater than $70,000.  It confirms that consumers overwhelmingly agree that loyalty … Read More

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Try a New Approach to get more Sign-Ups into your Text Marketing Database

There is a new, better way to get customers to opt-in to your mobile database. More and more businesses are using Text Marketing * to connect with their customers. It is a proven, effective form of marketing but it does … Read More

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News Flash: I don’t want to download your Smartphone Apps. Neither do 65% of Users.

Since the genius of the iPhone and the App Store, companies having been mesmerized with this idea of creating smartphone apps for their customers. Unfortunately, consumer behaviors don’t always match our plans. In August ComScore released the US Mobile App … Read More

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convenience store loyalty program

4 Tips to Increase Convenience Store Loyalty & Shell Loyalty Case Study

Creating loyalty at a convenience store is extremely challenging.  There are many natural forces going against convenience stores.  For starters, they are called “convenience” stores for a reason; people go to them based on the convenience of their location and … Read More

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Customer Engagement Tools

How TL Connects’ Rewards Program Software Would Work in my Business

When looking for a rewards program software to fit your business, we recommend you focus on finding a program that is fast, fun, and simple for your customer. There are a lot of rewards program software that seem awesome, but … Read More

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