How do I send out a textALERT?

How do I send out a textALERT? Watch this short video tutorial explaining the process. Your browser does not support the video tag. When sending out a textALERT you have a couple of choices.  You may want to create a … Read More

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Get new customers to join your loyalty program

Customers ignoring your loyalty program? Get more subscribers by…

The key to a successful loyalty program is getting customers to join.  No matter how easy the process is or how great the sign-up offer may be, customers still have to know it exists before they can join. So, don’t … Read More

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Applying the psychology of Instant Gratification in your Marketing

Humans, by nature, are not patient creatures. We have to be taught, for years, to wait for things. By nature, we want them now. You hear children screaming in stores not because they want to wait three weeks to get … Read More

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Installing my TL Connects Digital Rewards iPad Kiosk

Simple is our mantra and when installing your TL Connects digital rewards iPad kiosk, we made sure you didn’t need a rocket scientist to get up and running. When your box arrives, you’ll open it to find your iPad Kiosk with a … Read More

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What happens if the iPad digital rewards system goes down?

We see the iPad typically go down for two reasons: 1. No Internet Connection: Our digital rewards program either runs off your wireless internet connection (Wi-Fi) or a 3G signal.  If for some reason your Wi-Fi goes down, our iPad kiosk program … Read More

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How do my customers sign-up for my digital rewards program?

When signing up for a rewards program it should be fast, simple, and painless.  When we designed our digital rewards program we wanted to build a product that your customer could sign-up for in less than 20 seconds.  Guess what? … Read More

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Loyalty Check-In Screen

How do my customers check-in?

When your customers check in to your digital loyalty rewards program, the process should be fast and should not slow down your line.1. Every time your customer visits your store they will simply hit the green button and enter their … Read More

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iPad Offers to Redeem

How do my customers redeem a reward, retention offers , or textALERT offers?

Redeeming rewards, retention offers, and textALERT offers is intuitive and simple for your customers.  We’ve also designed the program to reduce fraud when offers are being redeemed by time and date stamping the claim text.When your customer checks-in using the green … Read More

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Customer Retention Cycle

When will my customer receive the automated retention textALERT?

Our automated retention program is designed to drive in those customers who have not visited your store in a while.  Most companies have no way to reach out to their customers in a personal way and say we miss you.You … Read More

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How to login to my account, see results and send textALERTs?

When you signed up you received a welcome email which provided you with your username and temporary password.  Once you are ready to login you can click login at the top right of the screen or you can visit … Read More

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