IHOP store - Customer Engagement Strategy Case Study

IHOP Customer Engagement Strategy: Case Study

IHOP Customer Engagement Strategy: A Case Study A year of automated customer engagement. For 58 years, the IHOP family restaurant chain has served world famous pancakes and a wide variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner items that are loved by … Read More

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Auto-Responders: Why you should be using them

Auto-Responders have long been a part of the TL Connects’ Engagement platform. The retention program is based solely on the technology. The auto-responder allows the business owner to create an offer that is communicated via text message to subscribers who … Read More

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Long John Silver’s expands customer engagement program

Partner, TL Connects has taken Long John Silver’s from 20 engaging locations in August 2015 to over 200 by end of 2015. February 4, 2016Nashville, TN TL Connects, a customer engagement platform provider announced their partner expansion with Long John … Read More

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Customer Loyalty Programs - Twice Daily

6 Things Making Customer Loyalty Programs Rock!

Customer loyalty programs have been around for a long time. Their value is often debated so whenever we get a chance to really illustrate the full power of customer loyalty programs, we try to do so. Here is an account … Read More

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smoothie king franchisee

Fellow Smoothie King Franchisee drives over 400 people into local stores in one day.

Fellow Smoothie King Franchisee drives over 400 people into local stores in one day. You’re probably asking yourself, “How did this Smoothie King franchisee drive over 400 people into his 5 stores in one day?”  I’m here to tell you, … Read More

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Get new customers to join your loyalty program

Customers ignoring your loyalty program? Get more subscribers by…

The key to a successful loyalty program is getting customers to join.  No matter how easy the process is or how great the sign-up offer may be, customers still have to know it exists before they can join. So, don’t … Read More

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textLIVING Announces Corporate Name Change to Reflect Broader Customer Engagement.

textLIVING, the digital loyalty program provider, today announces that they have rebranded their company name from textLIVING to TL Connects. TL Connects (formerly textLIVING) provides businesses of all sizes a complete customer engagement platform. The platform is entirely digital and … Read More

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Convenience Store News: Shell’s January text messaging promotion brings in customers

One of the biggest issues today’s convenience stores face is getting customers to enter their stores. With pay at the pump ever so popular, people just do not enter the stores as much as they used to.  Another issue convenience … Read More

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Text Messaging to Customers: A Clothing Boutique’s Testimonial

It is always awesome to hear your customers bragging on your products or services. It absolutely never gets old. But it is extremely great to read an article that a new client has written singing your praises in a publication!  One of our … Read More

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Customer Retention – An Instant Success Story

What is customer retention? Customer retention, by definition*, is the activity that a company undertakes in order to reduce customer defections. Successful customer retention starts with the first contact an organization has with a customer and continues throughout the entire … Read More

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